Seventh Flag Coffee Co.

A new flag unfurled over the Texas landscape with the opening of Seventh Flag Coffee Co. in Austin. The namesake banner and accompanying slogan are referencing the six flags that have historically flown over Texas. This is now the seventh – a welcoming union of coffee lovers which we call, “Our Country of Friends”.


At its core, Seventh Flag is a local neighborhood shop, and we were tasked with making sure this was reflected through thoughtful decoration throughout the space. From hanging custom-made local artwork, to sourcing soulful thrift store pieces and screen printing our own posters - we gave the space just enough handmade love to have its own identity and friendly voice within the community. Interior and exterior photography of the finished shop was used to further promote Seventh Flag as a place to linger with others loyal to the bean.


Modern interiors and minimal distractions were balanced by soulful touches throughout the space.


A series of screenprinted posters were made with a phrase that serves as an open invitation to all who find themselves in need of a cup of coffee and a friendly place of acceptance. 


Project Tasks: Print Design, Environment, Photography

Made at Preacher with Kapono Chung